# What is DoH

DNS over HTTPS (DoH) is a protocol for performing remote Domain Name System (DNS) resolution via the HTTPS protocol. A goal of the method is to increase user privacy and security by preventing eavesdropping and manipulation of DNS data by man-in-the-middle attacks. As of March 2018, Google and the Mozilla Foundation are testing versions of DNS over HTTPS. Cloudflare working with Mozilla claim to destroy all DNS data daily. (Wikipedia (opens new window))

# Our DoH Servers

# Global CDN




or if you don't want domain name in URL

# Unicast PoPs

Location DoH URL Hosting Provider
Düsseldorf, Germany https://de-dus.doh.sb/dns-query xTom (opens new window)
Frankfurt, Germany https://de-fra.doh.sb/dns-query xTom (opens new window)
Amsterdam, Netherlands https://nl-ams.doh.sb/dns-query xTom (opens new window)
Amsterdam, Netherlands https://nl-ams2.doh.sb/dns-query xTom (opens new window)
London, United Kingdom https://uk-lon.doh.sb/dns-query xTom (opens new window)
Tallinn, Estonia https://ee-tll.doh.sb/dns-query xTom (opens new window)
Osaka, Japan https://jp-kix.doh.sb/dns-query xTom (opens new window)
Tokyo, Japan https://jp-nrt.doh.sb/dns-query xTom (opens new window)
Hong Kong, China https://hk-hkg.doh.sb/dns-query xTom (opens new window)
Sydney, Australia https://au-syd.doh.sb/dns-query xTom (opens new window)
Chicago, United States https://us-chi.doh.sb/dns-query HostVenom (opens new window)
New York, United States https://us-nyc.doh.sb/dns-query xTom (opens new window)
San Jose, United States https://us-sjc.doh.sb/dns-query xTom (opens new window)
Bengaluru, India https://in-blr.doh.sb/dns-query DigitalOcean (opens new window)
Singapore https://sg-sin.doh.sb/dns-query DigitalOcean (opens new window)
Seoul, South Korea https://kr-sel.doh.sb/dns-query Amazon AWS (opens new window)
Moscow, Russia https://ru-mow.doh.sb/dns-query Servers.com (opens new window)
Toronto, Canada https://ca-yyz.doh.sb/dns-query Vultr (opens new window)

No Logging, DNSSEC enabled

# How to set DNS.SB DoH Server